Adynata is not your regular publishing house.

Adynata is a collection of works by indie authors.
Writers who join Adynata keep their copyrights and their royalties. They decide where they sell their books and at what price.


Adynata Authors

Alfred Boudry

Alfred Boudry explores the interstices of Human history, filling them with credible stories and humans clamoring of Truthfulness; at least, their own. He is a published writer (in French) and translator (to and from English) of several books.
He maintains a blog (in French) called Le Bazar Impertinent.


Julie Mornelli

Julie Mornelli loves to tell stories with words, images, or a combination of both. She spends most of her time writing, design book covers and websites, and developing crossmedia projects. The rest of her time is spent daydreaming.
Her author website is juliemornelli.com


Adynata Books

Fantaisie Baroque

Historical Fiction
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Sight Unseen

Crime Fiction/Mystery Suspense
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Lucky Find

Mystery Suspense Novella
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Short Story
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